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Champions Forces

Reivent yourself in a new adventure! Champions Forces will take you to the world of RPGS! Craft, Fight, Level, Upgrade! Fight the same enemies as before but with new looks! New Music! New Mechanics! Relive your Heroes Forces Experience!

Descripción del juego

Hello again! This time I bring you Champions Forces!

-Wait Heroes Forces Sequel!??

Not exactly! Lets call this a small sister game!

-How similar is it to Heroes Forces!?

Well I am using some databases from the previous game!

-Hmm I own Heroes Forces already...Will i like this?

Well If you Liked Heroes Forces you should like this game, You
must keep in mind tough that i am reusing the Battles and Bossses
from Heroes Forces.

-How different is it to the first game?

Well I have changed some of the mechanics the music and Graphics!

-So basically you are saying that SuperGrindRPG and Heroes Forces
are different games? But Heroes and Champions are basically the same!?

Exactly! I am making a Heroes Forces sister game so fans of the first game can grab it.

-Why are you making this sister game?

Well I always thought to myself that I would like some sister games of some good RPGS.
So why not make my own Sister Game?

-If you had Heroes Forces would you buy Champions Forces?

Have you ever heard of Warcraft Reforged and Starcraft Remastered? It`s kinda like that!
But this time I am changing things! Wich makes this almost a whole new game for previous users.
So my answer is Yes! I would buy it

Enough Talk!


  • Leveling
  • Crafting
  • Dungeoning
  • Improve your Talents
  • Go to Wars!
  • Trading
  • Skills
  • Nightmare Mode!
  • Hell Mode!


Champions Forces
Teleports you to the dungeons!


Champions Forces
Reforges your gear!



  • SO: Windows 10
  • Procesador: Dual core
  • Memoria: 2 GB de RAM

Idiomas (Multi-1)

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