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Lives so Sweet

A short, sex-positive yuri game about a massage parlour!

Descripción del juego

Everyone has their insecurities. Sometimes, you need someone else's help to overcome them--or at least learn to accept them. Explore the stories of three women who, one way or another, find themselves booking an appointment at a certain massage parlour. What change will this experience bring to their lives...?

Lives so Sweet


  • 3 short and sweet stories of self-acceptance and self-love
  • Play the character stories in any order
  • 1 to 2 hours of reading
  • Gorgeous, vibrant artwork by Mur Moruno
  • 10 unique CGs + variations
  • Uncensored adult scenes



  • SO: Windows XP
  • Procesador: 1.66 Ghz
  • Memoria: 100 MB de RAM
  • Gráficos: 1920 x 1080
  • Almacenamiento: 250 MB de espacio disponible
  • Tarjeta de sonido: Any

Idiomas (Multi-1)

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