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Risen Kingdom

Risen Kingdom is a real-time strategy game. Build and fortify your settlements to survive and push back armies of the undead.

Descripción del juego

Risen Kingdom is a real-time strategy game with building and settlement management mechanics. The game is set in a medieval fantasy world years after a great Kingdom has been overrun by hordes of the undead. Now, the bravest warriors are going on a campaign to claim back the land once lost by their ancestors and bring the Kingdom back to its former glory.

Build your Settlement

Risen Kingdom
  • Build mills and houses to provide your people with food and a place to live.
  • Obtain natural resources, expand your settlement and develop new technologies.
  • Build markets and banks to ensure the settlement’s economic stability.
  • Carefully manage resources, research new tech and lead your settlement to prosperity!

Defend your Settlement

Risen Kingdom
  • Train and hire warriors to defend your settlement. Each unit has unique skills and upgrades.
  • Build defensive structures such as stakewalls, lookout posts, cannons and towers.
  • Make use of strategic possibilities and landscape features.


Risen Kingdom
Prepare for the night and try to survive the onslaught of enemies!

Risen Kingdom



  • SO: Windows XP/7/8/10
  • Procesador: 1.6 GHz
  • Memoria: 2 GB de RAM
  • Gráficos: 1 GB video memory
  • Almacenamiento: 220 MB de espacio disponible
  • Notas adicionales: Minimum resolution: 1360x768, recomended FULL HD 1920x1080.

Idiomas (Multi-2)

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