Editor AKM Games Desarrollador Khalil Hammouda Fecha de lanzamiento 25 May 2021

The LastOnesLeft

"The LastOnesLeft" is a first-person survival horror game where the player finds themselves in an abandoned village overrun by zombies. Uncover the truth about what happened by finding mysterious letters from an unknown source.

Descripción del juego

Imagine waking up in a Broken world and not being able to remember anything - even know who you are. Hungry zombies roam around the village. You are alone.
You need to hide, you need to survive and you need to find the truth.

The LastOnesLeft

Key features

- Search for essential survival items (Food, Water, Batteries...) around the village.
- Hide and sneak your way passed Zombies when you don't have enough ammo.
Solve Mysteries
- Search for codes, hidden messages and secret places.
The LastOnesLeft
- But beware! Not every clue you find will lead you to the right place.
The LastOnesLeft

This game contains intense violence, gore and strong language.



  • SO: Windows 10 - 64 bit
  • Procesador: Intel i5 or new-gen i3 / AMD equivalent
  • Memoria: 4 GB de RAM
  • Gráficos: GeForce® GTX 960 or better
  • DirectX: Versión 11
  • Almacenamiento: 5 GB de espacio disponible

Idiomas (Multi-1)

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