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Undead Blackout: Reanimated Edition

Si el clásico tirador de arriba abajo Loaded se fusionara en un laboratorio con Resident Evil, podrías obtener algo como Undead Blackout: Reanimated Edition. Reimaginado y reconstruido desde cero con la última versión de Unreal Engine 4, este es un juego de acción frenético, implacable y sumamente desafiante para uno o dos jugadores.

Descripción del juego

Undead Blackout: Reanimated Edition is a complete overhaul of the original Undead Blackout. The core elements of zombies, top-down action and fighting in occasionally very dark areas all remain but now at least three-hundred times better.

  • Challenging and reimagined gameplay - escape the Blackout Zones before you are overwhelmed by zombies.
  • Arcade focused play style. Increase your multiplier, increase your score at a faster rate.
  • Hugely optimsed over the original version making the most of Unreal Engine 4's amazing features.
  • Two-Player split-screen co-op.
  • 10 Levels of Undead carnage.
  • Randomised elements keep each level feeling fresh.
  • Dynamic soundtrack from Harry Burt

Reanimated Edition
The entire game has been rebuilt from the ground up and now offers a much more streamlined and enjoyable play experience. Gone are the somewhat open-ended and confusing levels from before which have been replaced by 10 (an increase over the original 6) focused, action orientated and much more challenging stages.

Blackout Zones
Undead Blackout: Reanimated Edition
The levels are focused around Blackout Zones. Areas that you cannot escape from until a door is sufficiently powered up and as the name may suggest, the lighting in these areas is somewhat limited. Blackout zones become more frequent as the game progresses. Can you escape before being overpowered by zombies? I hope so. But don't worry if you do fall, the game now has a Checkpoint System which means you don't have to start all over again.

There wasn't really much of a story before and I won't lie, there isn't much of one now. The Undead have risen. You need to make your way to Kennedy Docks and catch the last boat out of town. 10 Levels stand in your way. Oh and a whole load of zombies of course.



  • Requiere un procesador y un sistema operativo de 64 bits
  • SO: Windows 7 64 bit (requires 64 bit OS)
  • Procesador: Dual Core Processor, 2.5 GHz or higher
  • Memoria: 4 GB de RAM
  • Gráficos: DX11 compatible video card
  • DirectX: Versión 11
  • Almacenamiento: 2 GB de espacio disponible
  • Notas adicionales: Microsoft Xbox Controller for Windows® (or equivalent) is recommended. Two controllers are required for two-player modes.
  • Requiere un procesador y un sistema operativo de 64 bits

Idiomas (Multi-1)

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